Dog Training FAQs

Frequently-asked Questions about Dog Training

Yes, your dog will definitely remember you! Studies have shown that the longer the dog is separated from their owner, the happier the dog will be once they are reunited.

Absolutely! We will return your dog with the same happy personality that was received at training start. Dogs crave leadership and structure and we have seen their personalities flourish through the training process. Training will correct unwanted behaviors and teach your dog how we want them to behave, but will not change their personality. Training is meant to be fun and actually strengthens the bond between both owner and dog. Our training programs provide owners with the ability to follow through with commands and hold their dog accountable in any scenario. This capability enables your pet to enjoy more freedoms than ever before.

No, an E-collar is NOT the same as a shock collar. This is a common misunderstanding because the terms are used interchangeably when referring to the training tool.

The modern E-collar utilizes TENS technology (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which is the same exact technology used by your Physical Therapist or Chiropractor to stimulate the muscle for treatment. We utilize E-Collar Technologies E-collars as they provide an amazing quality product that are extremely safe and fair for use on pet quality dogs. We have every owner feel the e-collar stimulation, so they have a better understanding of the faintness of stimulation sent from the e-collar.

Shock collars are an outdated dog training technology that was developed in the 1970’s that is known to deliver a substantial shock to the dog.

No, the e-collar will NOT hurt your dog. When utilized properly the e-collar is an amazing tool for achieving obedience, building confidence, and overall happiness for the life of your dog. Proper E-collar conditioning is absolutely crucial during the training process. We take our time with e-collar introduction to build a positive association with the e-collar. The e-collar is used in conjunction with treats or physical praise to teach the dog exactly what the e-collar means. We like to compare it to an annoying tap on the shoulder or seatbelt alarm to get the dogs focus back on the handler. Over time, dogs associate the e-collar with freedom and fun activities that they can enjoy with their owners.

No, the e-collar is a tool that gives owners the ability to correct any unwanted behaviors. Our goal is for owner to be extremely consistent with utilizing the training tool after training. This consistency promotes good learned habits within your dog and requirement for e-collar use will decrease over time.

Yes, we utilize food or treat rewards in the beginning phases of training to help guide the dog in teaching a new skill and as a reward when the task is completed. Treats are phased out and replaced by verbal or physical rewards after the dog has a clear understanding of what is expected.

Yes, this is an extremely common challenge amongst dog owners. Frustrated dog owners vent to us constantly about how much physical exercise they give their dog but nothing is ever enough to calm them down. Physical exercise is very healthy and important in a dog’s life but it is equally important to get those puppy brains working. Mental stimulation is commonly the missing ingredient in these scenarios. A quick training session that engages the dog requiring strong focus and attention will fatigue any dog much quicker than any type of physical exercise. 5 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to 10 minutes of physical exercise.