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We are My Dog Listens and we are here to provide quality, safe, and affordable training and boarding services to Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. After realizing that owners are still struggling to find a trainer that achieves exceptional results at an affordable price, we set out to build a company that can help.

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We can tailor any of our training programs to meet the specific goals you may have for your dog. We are very flexible with training tools and methodologies. Contact us and we will find the perfect program for you and your pup.

Clear Expectations

Training is meant to be fun and exciting. Our goal is to provide clarity of tasks to both dog and owner. We teach owners to properly communicate with their dog. Good communication is vital and gives the dog a clear understanding of what is expected. Owner will also learn to build a strong reward system. This will reinforce compliance and good behaviors, keeping the dog motivated to please and training much more enjoyable.

Lifetime Guarantee

We are truly a 100% satisfaction guaranteed business. After completion of one of our e-collar programs, we offer free refresher training sessions for the life of the dog.

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CEO, Pearson Smith Realty
We cannot say enough about Sarah and Mike from My Dog Listens, they have made our lives so much easier! We did not know very much about raising a dog, but we quickly realized we were in over our heads. Our new dog, Speedy (Bouvier des Flandres), is going to grow to be a very large dog and we needed to be able to have control over him…especially being around our small children. The first time we took him to the vet the doctor mentioned Speedy was very fearful and he was going to need good training or he was going to be a handful. We reached out to Sarah and informed her our situation and some of the issues we were having. She told us "no problem" and that she would be able to work on those specific things with an emphasis on obedience. We put Speedy in the three-week training program and we got updates with pictures of Speedy throughout the entire process. Looking at the pictures and videos (downtown Fredericksburg walks, in stores, outdoor hikes etc.) Sarah sent we could not believe how much progress he had made, and it was amazing how Sarah made us feel a part of the entire process. The day she brought him back she spent two hours with us explaining how the e-collar worked and how to continue to work with Speedy, so he did not forget the all new things he had learned. He is now a well-mannered puppy, great on walks (no longer pulling us all over the place), listens when we need him to stay in place, and comes back to us from a distance when we call. We even had some questions a week after he came back…Sarah immediately jumped on a call with us right away and answered them all in detail. We love that Speedy is still his playful self, running around and acts silly with our kids…but now he now knows when we tell him something he needs to listen! We highly recommend My Dog Listens and will be telling all of our family and friends about the wonderful experience we had with Sarah, Mike, and their team…THANK YOU!!!
Eric Pearson
General Council, Reagan Administration
During years of making purchases for others involving millions of dollars, and participating in every sort of family purchase and service decision -- from autos to polo shirts, from bird feeders to family doctors -- I've never made a better, wiser decision than asking Sarah to train Bear, our Bernese Mountain dog. Never. Before choosing someone from the large number of area trainers, I spent hours on research and in Google searches. My searches ranged from the correction-collars-are-cruel trainers to the we'll-give-you-back-a-dog-who-will-follow-you-every-command trainers. I talked come-to-your home trainers and day trainers. And was nervous about risking Bear's sweet disposition by sending him to an extended, away-from-home program. But I hit the jackpot when I found Sarah. She has trained watch dogs whose margin for obedience errors is small and for whom performance factors outweigh all else. But she and her husband and their daughters also and mainly train family dogs like Bear, where obedience is vital but where heightened love, gentleness and bonding must always also be the end result of training. In our case, obedience is vital because Bear is a two year old 115 pound dog whose ability to overpower my wife (and probably me) means that his absolute responsiveness to "heel" and "stay" commands are vital to his and our well-being. Another obedience area deals with toilet training where, pre-Sarah, we needed to walk with Bear in the buggy rear of our house, and we and Bear needed to walk in the rain and all sorts of weather conditions before he did his business. Sarah's history indicates why she is at the training sweet spot. Like her husband a military veteran, she became a trainer rather than a vet or vet assistant because, right as it was to do so, she could not bear to inflict the pain on animals that veternary practice must often cause in order to cure. She makes sure that her dogs do the right things because she loves dogs and is honed in on their unique personalities. Then there's the service factor. Sarah picks up her trainees at your home and returns them there after the training is ended, and spends whatever time is needed -- hours -- learning about your dog and transferring her training to you. During the training period, she sends daily emails and photos to reflect the day's work that she and your dog have done, and she answers all questions thoughtfully and immediately. After paying for Bear's training, I can comfortably say that she charges too little. But even if Sarah prices her training in line with or even above the industry norm, you'll gain a lifetime-lasting bargain by hiring her. Sarah and her family are gems, and what they "sell" -- to you and your dog -- is not so much training as a lifetime of pleasure.
Michael Horowitz
Social Media Influencer
We would be completely lost without Sarah and our dog would not be half the dog she is without her. Zoey was aggressive and very reactive before we hired Sarah to help us. Zoey has learned to calm down and finally knows how to react. Sarah has helped us truly enjoy our dog and make her more of a family pet. Sarah is by far the most intelligent and experienced with dogs and we truly would never go to anyone else. She is always eager to help and follows up with all clients to help in any way she can!
Kels Clay
We brought our 4 month old Golden Retriever puppy to Sarah for the 2 weeks training and WOW. We were completely blown away! Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, and she was very professional and thorough in explaining everything she taught our puppy. She is extremely patient with the dogs, and treats them as if they were her own. She sent us updates on how Lacey was doing almost every night! She is truly a wonder woman, and we will be back for the eCollar training once our pup gets a little bit older. I will be recommending Sarah to every single person I know. THANK YOU FOR WORKING MIRACLES!!
Lauren Whitehead
Sending my puppy Banks to My Dog Listens for their 2-week board and train was HANDS DOWN the BEST decision I ever made for him. I am not exaggerating when I say it has been life changing. From the very first call with Sarah, I felt such comfort knowing I was sending him to very knowledgeable trainers that love our dogs as much as we do. Sarah answered all my questions in detail, especially walking through the explanation of the e-collar, as I was completely naïve to how it worked (it sounds a lot scarier than it is). Banks stayed with Trainer Meghan and I cannot thank her enough. I can now walk my puppy with ease, and not be on edge every time we pass a sock or paper towel (previously his two favorite things to swallow whole). Banks and I thank you for helping us live a lot less stressful life. THANK YOU...and he can’t wait to see you for boarding in the future!
Brittany Kerxton
Sarah is nothing less of amazing. She is patient, kind, caring, and trustworthy. Sarah takes her time to produce noticeable differences that benefit you and your Pup. She’s very efficient with her updates and LOVES to make sure you know your pup is doing well and how he/she is feeling. I brought my dog to her as a puppy and then again at 6 months and it is possibly the best thing I could have done. I would recommend Sarah to anyone and everyone, she is a miracle worker!!!
Shelbyrose Harris
It took me a while to get around to writing this review. I wanted to find the exact right words for my experience with Sarah and MDL but I am still at a loss for how to explain the level of gratitude that I have for them. My dog, Lana, is a four year old husky. I have had her since she was 12 weeks, the product of an accidental litter. She is the light of my life but slowly developed behavioral issues as she matured. Eventually, she became a hazard to those around me. I contacted many trainers in the area, most only advised that she be euthanized for such behavior. As a vet assistant, I am somewhat too familiar with the process of euthanasia but it didn’t sit right with me that all of these professionals jumped straight to that without even getting to know her. When I called Sarah, I was in tears. I am sure she could tell but within the first five minutes of our conversation, she made me feel something I had lost, hope! For the next several months we had conversations around Lana’s behavior and exactly what MDL’s board and train program would entail. Once it was time for Lana to stay with them, I felt super comfortable. After six weeks, Lana came home a happier and more confident version of herself. This made her a better listener and our bond even stronger than before. Sarah took her time to train me as well. And I can confidently say after over two months of having Lana back home, we are still going strong. Some days we may have our setbacks but with Sarah’s continued support, we bounce back without any issue. I could not be more grateful for Sarah and My Dog Listens. They saved my dog’s life, which in turn, also saved mine. 💜
Heather Nokes
Sarah is nothing short of amazing. She is truly a talented trainer who has the ability to problem solve and motivate the dog. She has mastered the art of obedience, she has the skill and experience to teach both pet and working dogs. Her heart is completely invested into building the dog/ human relationship. I can’t recommend this trainer enough.
Meghan O'Connor Martin
Sarah took a bad training experience from another facility we used and turned it into the BEST experience possible! She truly is the BEST trainer in the loudoun county area. She took such great care of my dog and was so kind to us as the owners! She really cares about her clients and wants nothing but to help get your dog to be the best it can be! I can’t say enough how thankful we are that we found her!! HIGHLY recommend My Dog Listens!
Ayden Consani
Sarah is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and FEARLESS! She took on our 2 year old 150lb, stubborn as heck, male Anatolian Shepherd. She devoted so much time and effort towards not only training, but also caring for Diesel that she fell in love with him! I love that about her. She truly loves her job and will treat your dog as if it were her own. The price was fair, our goals were met, and the on going support that you receive afterwards makes for an amazing value. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Carissa Aftab
I had a dog that wouldn't listen. I almost gave up on it, Until I met Sarah. She helped me and my dog. He went from being wild and aggressive to obedient and calm. I was sending so many mix signals and she opened my eyes. A trained dog is a happy do and now MY DOG LISTENS.
Jesse Cortez
We sent our dog to the three-week training program and upon her return noticed that all of her unwanted behaviors were trained out of her. Our dog’s primary trainer was Sarah who did an amazing job. Before our dog went to her training, she would jump on people and nip while playing, counter-surf, beg endlessly for food, not respond to most commands, leash-pull, deliberately go to the bathroom inside to test boundaries, get distracted by other dogs, and more. After her return she does not do any of those behaviors. It is so pleasant going on walks now. Now she is really good with kids, especially the smaller ones she would knock over before with her weight when playing. Really nice to have her out while the family is eating their meal. All the trainers at My Dog Listens really know their craft and love the dogs that come to them. We are so happy that we got Sarah as our dog’s trainer. And, when they came to bring our dog back it was not just a here is your dog, bye. Sarah and Mike both came and talked to us about all they did, how they did it, what we needed to do in order to build on the progress made so far, made us practice the commands with the e-Collar to make sure we were comfortable with the turnover, and answered all of our questions. This is a great place to send your dog because in the end what your dog learns here makes for a more enjoyable experience at home for years to come.
Justin Burnwell
I was a little nervous letting Luke (my dog) go off for training. However the day Sarah and Meghan (Luke's Trainer) came to pick him up they made me feel comfortable with letting him go. They thoroughly explained the process and they also were honest about expectations. They didn't over promise and I like that. Even though I knew he wouldn't return to me as well trained as a police dog, they kept expectations realistic. While Luke was gone, Meghan kept me updated on his progress which helped me feel better. Also, when she returned Luke to me, she didn't just drop him off and run out the door; she made sure I understood the commands he learned and how to implement them. Luke is a completely different dog. He is a Great Dane who originally was very stubborn and didn't listen. Now he is truly a gentle giant. He listens and I am able to walk him without him pulling me down the street. This was money well spent.
Traci Sparrow
We have been so impressed with Luna since being at MDL for their 3 week board and train program. To keep it brief, Luna our 2 year old Aussiedoodle, had really struggled with on-leash and front door manners. She was very anxious on the leash (pulling, barking at other dogs and people), and extremely excitable when people would come to the front door (who doesn't love a visitor?!). She barked incessantly at people and dogs she could see from the front windows of our house. We were at a loss of how to stop this behavior and felt we had failed in giving Luna the life she deserved. As a family, we had big dreams of taking her everywhere and anywhere with us. With her bad behavior though, it had remained a dream, and we were close to conceding to the fact that Luna might just be an “indoor only” type of dog, until her stay at MDL. Since working with Meghan, Luna has so much more confidence overall. At turnover, Meghan and Sarah gave (and continue to give!) my husband and I the tools and knowledge to help maintain everything Luna learned during her training and stressed the importance of continuing to work with Luna to get her (and just as importantly, us as the owners) comfortable with the new commands. 4 days after returning from MDL, my husband was able to take Luna to Lowe's. WITHOUT ANY ISSUES! (Perfect heel, no reactivity). This would’ve been impossible before her training at MDL. Happy dancing ensued. Something we really loved about MDL is the dog stays with the trainer, in their home. We noticed the tight bond Luna developed with Meghan. Meghan read Luna like an openbook and gave us more insight about Luna's mannerisms and thought-process than we had recognized. Less than week out, we are extremely happy with the results of the training. She comes immediately when called, heels on walks, stays in place when people come to the door, and her overall demeanor is more calm/confident. She’s not worried about barking at every bump/noise/sound she hears. We feel Luna has a whole new sense of the outside world, and we owe it all to MDL. For the first time since she was a small puppy, we actually look forward to taking Luna with us everywhere and working with her to continue to build her confidence in new situations, knowing she can handle it and we have the tools to continue to grow/learn with her. Here's to more outdoor adventures. Thank you Meghan and the team at MDL!
Elizabeth Schumacher
Meghan was Thibodeaux’s trainer. She was awesome. I got emails with pics every 4-5 days updating his progress. On return day, it was obvious that Thib loved Meghan. She spent a few hours with us working on his commands and the e-collar with me. Would highly recommend!
Cindy Wiggins
Sarah at MyDogListens is incredible! I can not say enough good things! She completely transformed my 3 year old dog. I had bad experiences with so many trainers throughout the last 3 years, and almost gave up hope. Thank goodness I gave it one last go because Sarah truly turned my dog into a new dog! She was kind, patient, and really got to know me and understand what I was struggling with as well as my dog. She got to know my dog and his personality and was able to train him based on what would work best for HIS personality type. If you are feeling like you don’t know where to turn in the world of dog training, give her a call. You won’t regret it (:
Amber Consani
Can I just say...Amazing! I am thrilled to be able to walk Hank on a leash. Our Hank was a stubborn 15 weeks old puppy when he started training and now he is well behaved and a dream to take on a walk or hike. Thank you Sarah & Mike.
Melissa Curtin
It was amazing to see the transformation in our very stubborn dog. Sarah was open, honest, and positive throughout the whole experience and her dedication to the profession is very clear. I highly recommend My Dog Listens to anyone who is looking for a proven training program run by people who clearly care about their clients.
Emily Geckle
OMG, our dog Beau is a completely transformed dog. He walks at my side, obeys our commands. He no longer tries to "maul" visitors and is just a well behaved boy dog. We could have never accomplished this on our own. I an so thankful to My Dog Listens for giving us an terrifically good dog.
Jay Wilson
It's been a few months since my dog Winston, a Rhodesian Ridgeback was trained. He has been great. He and I now speak the same language and he listens and reacts quickly to commands. I'm really satisfied with the training he received. I needed a quick refresher and Sarah and Mike showed up and helped me just 2 days after I called. I'm glad I went with Sarah, she is an outstanding trainer and I'd definitely use her again.
Dan Maddox
We are so pleased with Ellie's training! Amazing how much easier it is to communicate with Ellie now. Sarah and her team are awesome! They are so knowledgeable and really take the time to explain any concerns or questions. So worth it and a much happier Household 🙂
Jennifer Pascal
I have been so thoroughly impressed by Sarah and her team, from our first call to our last session. She is incredibly personable and kept my puppy and I engaged at each session. In just 8 weeks my puppy who had impulse control issues as well as your typical puppy behavior problems has matured greatly. Sarah and her team went above and beyond to make sure our experience at her training facility went smoothly. If you’re looking for an educational as well as bonding experience with your dog, I highly recommend Sarah and her team at My Dog Listens.
Jennifer Swenson
We cannot even put into words how appreciative and thankful we are to have found Mike and Sarah (and their team). The transformation of our girl, Scarlett, is amazing. They helped Scarlett regain her confidence, taught her how to cope in over-stimulated environments, and how to become a cohesive member of the pack. Scarlett was starting to train us and bully the other two dogs. We loved seeing and hearing about her progress during her 3-week board and train. It made her being gone a lot easier knowing that she was in the most caring hands. They treated her as if she was one of their own. Their pick up and turnover service was also a tremendous help with the transition. Now that she is home, we make sure to work with Scarlett consistently every day to enforce everything that she has learned and to keep her life structured.
Jewels Bullock
Could not recommend strongly enough. Sarah and her trainers are miracle workers. We brought our dog Ollie to them for what was originally a 2 week board and train to try to get him to listen better and remove bad behaviors (nipping, demanding attention constantly etc.). After 2 weeks, Sarah has identified some concerning behaviors and suggested to keep Ollie an extra week for behavioral modification. We had a baby on the way and she wanted to make sure Ollie was 100% good to go. After the 3rd week, Sarah called again and offered to continue training Ollie until after the baby was born because he was still not where she wanted him to be. She offered this at no extra charge! He ended up staying with them an extra 2 weeks and we got back a brand new, extremely well behaved dog. I took the dog into Cabelas and was floored with how good he was. Previously, he would be pulling me around the store with reckless abandonment. Now he heeled, and listened attentively the entire time. I could not be happier. If there is one word I would use to describe their business, it would be “integrity”. Thank you guys so much!
William Haskall
We had our mini golden doodle, Indie, about six weeks when we realized she was training us instead of the other way around! I was fearful about sending my puppy away to be trained at such a young age, but Sarah's two week puppy board and train was exactly what we all needed! She helped Indie break her bad habits and taught her the basic commands. Sarah exposed Indie to all kinds of situations and noises helping her build confidence. We love our new "Indie" and are so grateful to Sarah for her help. We now are positioned for success with our puppy! Sarah offers lifetime support, so she will be a valuable resource going forward. I would recommend Sarah 100% to anyone with any type of dog. Sarah is so knowledgeable and passionate about dogs, I think she is the best trainer around! And her training programs are more than reasonable offering tremendous value to dog owners. Thank you, Sarah!
Susan Buckley
We loved our experience with My Dog Listens. That set a great foundation with our puppy and treated her like family.
Steven Allan
I recently sent my 2 year old dog Rocky to get trained. It was much needed because he had a hard time listening and would often run away if he got out of his leash. These were the main two concerns that my family and I brought to Sarah. Rocky was with the trainers for only 2 short weeks and he came back like a whole new dog. He was listening to every command without flawlessly. You could tell that Sarah really cared about Rocky and that she really took her time with him because he had this unspoken respect for her. Another awesome thing that Sarah offers is a lifetime warranty, if throughout Rockys lifetime he starts to lose commands she will take him back in and retrain him. This was extremely awesome and unique feature. Quality training and care like this is hard to find, I would recommend this to any dog owners seeking to get their dogs trained.
Tiago Silva
Jake my mini golden doodle recently completed his two week board and train at MDL. Jake was nervous around other dogs, humans and loud noises. Meghan his trainer at MDL worked with Jake on new commands (sit, heel and place) as well as building up his confidence. Megan is an excellent trainer. She is very knowledgeable, professional and genuinely cares about dogs. She kept me updated and answered all of my questions/concerns. Since turnover yesterday Jake is so much calmer and is listening to my commands. Jake and I now have the training we needed so that Jake can live his best doggie life! I would not hesitate to recommend MDL to friends and family in the future.
Patricia Moore
Sarah has worked with my dog, and she has helped so much. My girl is a rescue that is anxious, and Sarah has helped me to understand her body language and how to work with her in over-stimulating environments. I typically avoided situations where my dog would react, but with Sarah’s training, we are both becoming much more comfortable in those environments. She truly cares about the dogs that she trains, and wants both the dog and owner to be successful. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and any future dogs in my family will be trained by her.
Michelle Carl
Where do we start? I suppose from the beginning. Friends, I want to be honest in saying I only leave reviews (especially this long) if my experience was meaningful. The experience my wife and I had with this company was beyond meaningful in every way. Let's start with describing my pup Mercedes - she's a sweetheart. Jet black long-haired German Shepherd her temperament is great however, there were some behavioral issues that needed to be addressed. She was very reactive to other pups and had issues with recall and maintaining duration with her commands. Bottom line, walking her became less than pleasant at times and would create stress and friction in the home. Boom, my wife (after a long conversation about our pup's behavior) decided to search for board and train opportunities. She sent feelers out late in the evening and to our surprise Sarah responded immediately. The 24 hours on her site was confirmed to be true. She spent time on the phone detailing the process and answering my wife's questions. Sarah was extremely responsive and clearly passionate about her business. Between the time Mercedes was scheduled for pick-up she answered more of our questions and assured us that she'd be in good hands. Which she was. Unfortunately, 1.5 weeks into the 2 week process, Mercedes suddenly took ill and had to be admitted to the local emergency vet clinic. Her symptoms were consistent with heat stroke. She had uncontrolled diarrhea, temp of 106, erratic breathing, severe weakness and ultimately had to have a blood plasma transfusion which saved her life. The suddenness of her illness forced us to contemplate if we would have to put her down because she was not stabilizing after two nights of hospitalization. Let me be clear, we in no way think that there was anything done to our pup as we saw updates and videos of her looking great during her training sessions. 48hrs prior, the pups were in the home due to a local heat advisory. On the day she was admitted, Sarah saw no indications that Mercedes was ill or becoming ill. She went potty per usual and ate per usual. We recently relocated to the East coast from the Bay area and really think the new environment overall played a big factor in her sudden illness as she has never experienced the vet outside of her normally routine visits. Either way, the superstar is of course Mercedes for pulling through. However, she would not be here if Sarah did not take swift action. Sarah saved our pup - she immediately took Mercedes to the emergency vet (completely covered in Mercedes' stool since Mercedes was unable to walk because of weakness). She texted, called and repeatedly checked in after Mercedes was admitted. Even more so, Sarah offered a full refund for Mercedes even though she did not have to per her company's policy. It stated clearly that My Dog Listens would not be held responsible for this type of thing, so the offer was completely unexpected and very generous. Not only did she offer to refund us, she even completed the turnover from the 1.5 weeks that Mercedes was there. We waited to schedule the turnover until Mercedes was fully back to herself and once she was healthy, Sarah kept her word. She gave THE most in depth tutorial on the e-collar, commands, body language, what not to do/what to do in various situations. Turnover was literally 4 hours, which was really great because she wanted to ensure she answered EVERY question we could think of. I have to say that my wife and I are SO grateful for Sarah and the way she handled this entire situation. Mercedes is very easy to fall in love with and it's clear that Sarah and her family love Mercedes as much as my wife and me. As it stands, Mercedes responds much better to other dogs on walks and is doing very well in terms of her health. My stress from walking her is non-existent and I now actually initiate walks with her. The only thing now is to wait for the fur to grow back on all four legs where the IVs were inserted 🙂 Sarah, we appreciate all that you and your family have done to help us, especially Mercedes!
PJ Lorick
I am just so excited to see how Max has improved, from his previous performance now that the ground work has been established. His duration is amazing, he has even placed and stayed down on his bed for almost 4 hours after a 4 am potty break. The transformation is a little testy for us, and Sarah is right there to answer or call for help when I needed her. Socializing and distraction were some major issues as well as walking he about pulled me everywhere. He is more confident and doesn’t do that now. We walked this morning and the cats were running, Max maintained his focus. Sarah and her team is amazing at what they achieve in such a short time. So excited for the rest of this journey with Max and our family.
Claudia Brill
We took our puppy, Daisy, there for two weeks. They taught her so much and really taught us how to handle her bad behaviors as well. We are so thankful to them for training her to be a good puppy while still keeping Daisys naturally fun personality. Thank you!!!
Teena Lavu
I am so grateful we called My Dog Listens when we did. Trainer Caleb took our border collie Stryker from a good dog to a great dog who we can take anywhere. My mom walks with a cane and we no longer have to fear that Stryker will take her for a ride down the street after a squirrel. Stryker's life and ours will be so much better thanks to Trainer Caleb's dedication and care with his training. I now have the confidence to take Stryker on all sorts of adventures and I'm looking forward to all of the possibilities.
Perry Bookmyer
When we first realized we needed help, covid had started maybe 1 month prior. It was a huge change for all of us. The sheltie had always had anxiety problems, lashing out, not allowing anyone to come in the house. But once covid hit everything escalated x100 and fast. Fights at least 3x a day. Especially when her dad was home, resource guarding over him and anything he touched, food of all kinds, hers, ours. Whatever it was. We had to rotate dogs from crates, to outside, to inside free time. It was a challenge, especially with new born pups in the house. Managing all that was a nightmare. And I was on the edge of a serious meltdown. It eventually came between us and I made him make a choice, me or the dog. He somehow found My Dog Listens, asked me to give her one more chance. After talking to them and discussing the issues it kind of put my mind at ease. BUT once we left the first lesson I was sold. After the first week our minds were blown. 1st Command come/sit The prior week I had been struggling to even take them on walks by myself in the morning without him, let alone with both of us at night. Second week was place. We had a blast with that one! It’s like a game. with place we could finally eat dinner together or all of just hang out in the same area with no one worrying about anyone else. 3rd week heel. No more pulling on walks. So enjoyable! We just had our final lesson at week 4 yesterday. Down. Now that’s a tricky one to master but we’re getting it, after all the week just started! We can honestly say This has been life changing. With the sheltie having extreme anxiety and the frenchie having established negative reactive behaviors due to the shelties anxiety and negative behaviors, I never thought we’d have a peaceful house. We knew they needed to be trained but had no idea how to. They not only saved the dogs but our relationship as well, not that they were therapists or anything haha but you know, the domino effect. When you get to the core of the problem everything else falls into place. We can’t thank them enough. We plan to keep working with them whether it be refreshers or adding a new dog to the family. We’re happy to pass on anyone who needs the help. You’ll never look back.
Danielle Harris
100% recommend My Dog Listens dog training services! I came across several training services on google during my search for a trainer, but I really wanted to find someone who I could trust with my puppy child. It's hard and scary to give a stranger your dog for an extended about of time! It's also not cheap to train your dog (anywhere), so I wanted to be sure my money was well spent... I called Sarah, the owner of My Dog Listens, prior to meeting her or using their services to ask a few questions and she dropped everything she was doing (important family obligations) and spoke with me for over 30 minutes about her training process and answered all the questions I had with honesty, patients and kindness. The point of this is, she understand how much dogs mean to their owners. Sarah took in my little Pomeranian, Poppy, for three weeks like she was one of her own. She sent me updates and pictures nearly every day, which was so nice. I loved staying in touch on Poppy's progress. Bust most importantly... Sarah helped with Poppy's temperament and behavior more than I EVER... I mean ever... could have imagined... The last thing I said to her was when she picked up Poppy on the first day was "... Good luck to you.. she doesn't listen to a thing I say haha!" .. When Poppy came home my friends asked me if Sarah just gave me a completely different look-alike Pomeranian for how well behaved Poppy was!! She is truly is a different dog (in all the good ways). Before taking her to My Dog Listens, Poppy would't sit, stay, come.. she barked all the time. Now Poppy actually listens to me and it has made our relationship and our living situation (in a small apartment with thin walls in DC) so much better. Sarah actually shed a few tears when she returned Poppy to me. She spent 4 hours on the day she returned her with me and my boyfriend teaching us all the ins and outs of how to keep the training moving forward. Sarah offers to pick up/return your dog from your house/apartment, which was awesome. I live in DC and don't have a car. She didn't charge for gas and commuted around 45 min each way! Additionally, to this day, anytime I have a question I text her and she gets right back to me. Two days after Poppy was returned, I had a family emergency and had to leave town. Sarah came BACK into DC, picked up poppy, and watched her for the rest of the week for me. The best part is, she offers services to watch your dog anytime in the future and during that time she will reinstill the training she previously did! I have before and after videos that I will try to post in the comments below! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about using My Dog Listens. Sarah is a die hard doggy lover and just what I was hoping to find. Thanks so much again, Sarah! (This is the longest review I have ever written in my life, so clearly they made an impact on me ha)
Katie Fischer


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