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If you’re looking for professional puppy training services in Clifton, VA you will find all kinds of trainers offering different methods and specialties, as well as trainers who don’t differentiate between training puppies and adult dogs. This means you need to be careful and choose the right puppy trainer and program that offers the dedicated services you and your puppy needs.

Board & train puppy training is a form of training where your puppy will live, learn, work, and play in a dedicated and structured environment, away from the daily distractions of home. During the 2 weeks, your puppy stays within the trainer’s home and receives hands-on training through a variety of real-life scenarios.

Private puppy training lessons are another extremely effective form of dog training available in Clifton, VA if you are looking for more personalized training and have the time to dedicate to training. My Dog Listens is here to help with professionally led premium puppy training programs that fit your budget and your needs.

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Puppy Board & Train for Clifton, VA Puppy Owners

Board & Train is great for training your puppy! You can train your puppy with basic skills at home but as soon as you leave the house and are surrounded by distractions, will those skills stay strong? We offer a training environment that prepares your puppy for life in the real world where basic skills can be lifesaving. It is extremely important for your puppy to know basic obedience skills so in the face of a potentially dangerous situation — like around fast cars or aggressive dogs — our puppy will respond to your guidance.

Our comprehensive Board & Train puppy training program will benefit you and your puppy throughout their life. Our two-week program for puppies between 12-weeks and 5-months old will prepare them with all the fundamental skills that puppies need. The skills we work on in puppy Board & Train include basic commands, potty training, crate training and then practicing commands with a variety of real-life distractions.

Why is Puppy Training Important?

Training is especially important when your dog is just a puppy. This is when they have a lot to learn and the foundation they build early in their life will have a great impact on them and in the lifelong relationship you build together. Young puppies need strong foundational training to become happy, well-behaved adult dogs. If you can’t give your puppy the training they need, over time behavioral problems could develop and put your dog or others at risk. Putting in the time and effort to get the right training early on in your dog’s life will allow them to be the kind of dog you can easily take into busy public settings without dealing with the reactivity that many Clifton, VA dog owners worry about.

Is Board & Train Good for Puppies?

Puppies will love the socialization provided by a Board & Train program where they can learn and get tons of exposure to new environments, textures, sounds, etc. Your puppy will spend the first day adjusting to a new environment but soon will be very happy spending every day full of meaningful training that many Clifton, VA puppy owners simply cannot provide at home. Dogs learn especially well when they are young so a Puppy Board & Train session will greatly benefit your dog during this impressionable time in their lives. Our world class trainers will be there to welcome your puppy like a part of the family and teach the fundamental skills they will need throughout their lives. The better your dog’s understanding of the fundamental skills, the better prepared they will be to deal with tough situations as they grow up.

Why is Board & Train for Puppies Better than At-Home Training?

Training puppies at home can be very rewarding but there are certain elements of our Puppy Board and Train program that cannot be replicated at home. The level of socialization and environmental exposure available during puppy Board & Train sessions is critical in helping your dog learn good behavior and build an understanding of basic obedience. For your puppy to have the life skills to get along well with other dogs, early exposure is key. Consistency is also a very important aspect of dog training that a lot of puppy owners struggle with. At our Board & Train program we will provide all the structure and consistency that is vital to the early training stages of a puppy’s life.

Private Puppy Training Lessons for Clifton, VA Puppy Owners

If you want to be involved in your puppy’s training but also would like professional help, then private puppy training lessons with My Dog Listens might be right for you. In private lessons, your puppy can learn without the distractions of a group lesson setting. With this program we will help you train your puppy with the hands-on help of a professional so when the class is over you and your puppy will have all the skills needed to continue a high level of training on your own. You can expect a private training lesson with us to be fun and rewarding for both you and your puppy. We will teach you the training skills and techniques, but the result depends on your patience and dedication to keep reinforcing the training over time.

About Private Puppy Training Lessons

In private puppy training lessons, we will teach you the basic commands and help you establish good communication with your puppy. Private lessons are great because we don’t only train your puppy, but we also teach you how to train! Puppy training can be a long process for many puppy owners so getting skills directly from the professionals will have a great impact on your pup’s progress over time. Private training can also be useful for puppies with specific challenges that make group lessons less effective, like if your pup is shy or anxious and has a hard time learning in a group setting. Another reason for a private lesson could be if your puppy already has a good foundation in the basic commands and could benefit from more specific training that a group lesson doesn’t offer.

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Premier Puppy Training in Clifton, VA by My Dog Listens

There are a variety of Board & Train services available to Clifton, VA puppy owners, and you want to make sure that you select the right program for you and your puppy. If you want world class puppy training services in Clifton, VA, My Dog Listens is here to help you with more than 10 years of training experience. As trainers ourselves, we’re constantly working to improve our skills so that we can continue to provide the highest quality services. We know that no two puppies are the same and we focus on tailoring each program to your specific puppy’s needs to achieve the highest possible results. We have successfully worked with over a thousand puppies and adult dogs through our Board & Train and Private Lessons programs. There is no better way to guarantee success than by working with people who spend their lives dedicated to training and who have been through it countless times, and that’s My Dog Listens. If you’re ready to give your puppy the best possible foundation for future success, give us a call or schedule a free consultation today.